LAHORE – In a matchless show of woman empowerment, a lady police officer was appointed as the station house officer (SHO) of a police station in Lahore on Saturday.

Sub-inspector Ghazala Sharif was appointed as the SHO of the Rang Mahal police station as the deputy inspector general operations issued orders for appointments and transfers of SHOs of numerous police stations.

It bears mentioning that appointment of a lady police officer to this post came after a gap of 17 years.

Soon after the appointment, Chief Minister Punjab’s Strategic Reforms Unit tweeted: “Proud to announce that Lahore police appointed first female SHO after 17 years, women empowerment for a stronger Pakistan.”

Punjab’s provincial capital has 84 police stations in total. However, there is only one women’s police station in the city named women’s Race Course Police Station (RCPS).

Cases in which both the suspect and the person who has filed a complaint are female are registered at the RCPS. Sub-inspector Nabila Kausar has been appointed SHO of this station.