KARACHI- The Sindh Government has announced two public holidays starting from September 30 to October 1 throughout the province.

According to a notification issued by the provincial government, the holidays have been announced on the occasion of Ashura (Muharramul Harram 9th and 10th).

All offices except essential services will remain closed during these days.

The provincial government has also written a letter to the Ministry of Interior to suspend mobile phone services during theses days to ensure the security of procession.

On Wednesday, Karachi traffic police issued plan for alternate traffic routes on Muharram 8 (Friday), 9 (Saturday) and 10 (Sunday).

Several roads will be blocked for mourning processions throughout the city, and traffic will be diverted to the alternate routes from blocked routes.

The month includes an important day of Ashura, Muharram 10, when Muslims commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in 680 in the Islamic calendar.