NEW YORK (Staff Report) – No matter where Pakistanis live, they can find a way to celebrate their love and passion for their country. A similar sight was seen in New York City on Sunday, when large number of Pakistanis paraded on the streets to celebrate Pakistan Day Parade.


Pak 4

Pakistanis dressed in colourful, traditional clothes, holding green flags of different sizes marched on the streets with heads held high.

Pak 6

The attraction of the parade were New York police officials of Pakistani origin, in their dark blue uniforms, marching alongside the parade. Some could be seen mounted on the horse, holding Pakistani and US flags.

Pak 3

Pak 8

Pak 7

Locals stood on the sidewalk enjoying the colourful parade and taking photographs.

Stalls of Pakistani food were also set up, where people could be seen standing in long ques, waiting for their turn to be served.

Pak 9

You can take out a Pakistani from Pakistan, but not Pakistan from a Pakistani.

Photo courtesy: Tanvier Chaudhary