Often mawkish and superfluous in content, Pakistan’s real estate ads show nothing but fake images and misleading imagery. Non-existent and misleading buildings and places are portrayed as if they are the essential part of the product they seek to sell.

However, it’s refreshing to know that there is still one real estate company in the country that has remained free from this needless fantasization: New Life Developers. Its advertisement for the new project, Gwadar Central, is one of the truly unique ads to hit Pakistan’s real estate market.

Not only is it honest, it is also meaningful.

Watch for yourself:

Gwadar Central is a recently-launched housing society located in the heart of Gwadar. Unlike other real estate projects being marketed in Gwadar, it isn’t located miles and miles away from the actual city centre. Instead, as the name suggests, it is smack-dab in the centre of Gwadar. Located right at the main arteries of Gwadar and the Costal Highway, Gawadar Central seems to be the best place to invest right now.

As CPEC and Gwadar’s construction progresses, Gawadar Central will become the hotspot of activity in the city because of its proximity to all the main areas. Imagine what Gulberg is to Lahore and Metropole area is to Karachi. Prices in Gwadar are rising at a meteoric pace right now and the smartest investors are targeting the most important areas of residence and commerce.

Gwadar central is also offering something that no other housing society in Gwadar is offering right now: EFU Life insurance. Because of Gwadar Central’s partnering with EFU, if, god-forbid, a customer dies before paying all the installments of the plot, EFU will cover the rest of the installments and ensure that the customer’s family gets the possession of their property. This is truly unprecedented in Pakistan and speaks volumes about the caliber of the professionals backing this project.

It is pertinent to mention that while Gwadar’s future looks bright for investors, quite a few investors have been conned by real estate mafia operating in the port city. In order to safeguard your investment, it is important to ensure that the project you are planning to invest in, has been approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). GDA’s NOC means that the location and the size of the society has been verified by the GDA and category A NOC signifies the fact that the land lies within the preferential development zone that is the area which will be developed on priority basis.