LAHORE (Staff Report) – A father shot dead his daughter and son-in-law for marrying without the family’s consent.

According to local media, Muhammad Ashraf, 56, killed his daughter Saba and her husband Karamat Ali a day after the couple returned to Lahore’s Kahna area to smooth over rocky relations with the family who disapproved of the marriage.

“18-year-old Saba had married Karamat Ali, who is 35, around a year and a half ago against the will of her family and returned to her home on Thursday night to settle matters with father and other family members,” said police official.

Ashraf, a security guard by profession, opened fire on his daughter and son-in-law after becoming infuriated during a heated conversation.

“He also killed his neighbor Muhammad Akram for supporting his daughter’s marriage,” said the police offical, adding that Ashraf and his son Safdar later surrendered to police and confessed to the murders.