How Microsoft’s Calibri font doomed Sharif family in Panama Case

  • Maryam Nawaz in her 'original copy' of declarations about Nielson/Nescoll used 'Calibri' font which did not exist in 2006: JIT
  • The Radley Forensic Document Laboratory examined the documents and concluded that the font was used even before it was developed: JIT

ISLAMABAD – The embattled Sharif family that faced hindrances in substantiating their claims regarding their offshore assets missed a key point regarding the use of ‘fonts’ in their backdated documents leading to reputational damage.

The six-member Joint Investigation Team that probed offshore assets of Sharif family not only interrogated the wheeling and dealing of the family but also inspected the documents rigorously and found out that the ruling family submitted fake documents.

Panama JIT terms Qatari prince’s letter ‘myth’

How the high-powered inquiry panel assumed that the documents were fake is a classic case in itself.

The ‘intelligent’ members of Joint Investigation Team, after having received the documents from Maryam Nawaz, forwarded the documents to a British forensic handwriting firm which revealed that the font used by the respondent in its documents had not been made available by Microsoft at the time.

Maryam while appearing before the team submitted two certified declarations regarded as ‘original copy’ about the Nescoll /Neilson and Coomber group, which according to her dated back to 2006.

However, when JIT approached ‘The Radley Forensic Document Laboratory’ the forensic expert Robert W Radley examined the documents and concluded that the font ‘Calibri’ in which the document was typed, was not made public by Microsoft before January 2007, though Maryam Nawaz claimed that the copies were original and from the year 2006.

What baffled the six-member inquiry panel was the conclusion of forensic team that the font was not available for commercial users before 2007, but Maryam Nawaz had managed to use the font in documents dating back to 2006.

The font fisaco emphasised the assumptions of JIT members that the documents were forged in a bid to bolster the money trail ‘illegally’.

[PDF] Panama case JIT full report to SC

Soon after the ‘font’ portion of JIT report went viral, Twitterati took aim at Maryam Nawaz in a hilarious manner.