ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Ministry of Commerce has said it exported human hair worth $16,00000 over the period of past half decade.

During a session in the National Assembly on Friday, a parliamentary sectary stated that 105,461 kg human hair, worth $132,000 were exported to China during the past five years, terming it as a lucrative industry for making different kinds of wigs.

It was the first time that the lower house of the parliament was briefed about Pakistan’s hair export for its significant commercial value.

The secretary said that Pakistan exports hair to China, America, United Arab Emirates and some other countries, adding that the human hair demand was reduced during the period 2016-17 due to a decrease in the number of cancer patients.

Excluding hair extensions and wigs, worldwide sales of exported human hair totaled US$81.2 million in 2017.

Pakistan is among the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of human hair during 2017.

Among continents, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of exported human hair during 2017 with shipments valued at $44.5 million or 54.7% of the global total.

1: United States: US$34.3 million (42.3% of total human hair exports)
2: India: $26.3 million (32.4%)
3: Hong Kong: $9.7 million (12%)
4: Singapore: $4.1 million (5%)
5: Pakistan: $1.6 million (2%)
6: Indonesia: $1.05 million (1.3%)
7: United Kingdom: $1.01 million (1.2%)
8: Brazil: $725,000 (0.9%)
9: Myanmar (Burma): $365,000 (0.4%)
10: Thailand: $294,000 (0.4%)
11: South Africa: $285,000 (0.4%)
12: Japan: $284,000 (0.3%)
13: Italy: $270,000 (0.3%)
14: Vietnam: $202,000 (0.2%)
15: Israel: $147,000 (0.2%)

Thailand, Singapore, United States, and Brazil are the top exporters and the fastest-growing human hair exporters since 2013.