WASHINGTON – In contradiction to local media reports, the portrait of former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani has not been removed from Pakistan’s embassy in Washington.

Highly-placed embassy sources confided to Daily Pakistan that an event took place at the embassy on Wednesday and during the course of arranging tables, the portrait of Haqqani accidentally fell down.

Picture taken at a time when Haqqani’s portrait accidentally fell down

As soon as it was noticed, it was placed back on the wall and the news of intentionally removing the photograph was not true, said the sources.

It is relevant to mention that the clarification came in the aftermath of news circulated by leading media outlets in Pakistan that the picture of Haqqani, who served as Ambassador for over three years during Pakistan Peoples’ Party rule, was purposely removed.

Haqqani, who lost his job after the Memo-gate scandal has been critical of Pakistan’s policies regarding foreign affairs, but the news of his portrait being removed from embassy has turned out to be a hoax.