ISLAMABAD – Opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Khurshid Shah has said, “I am a politician and not a “beghairat”.

He said while replying to Sheikh Rashid supplications in connection with reconciliation with PTI chief Imran Khan here on Wednesday in federal.

Sheikh Rashid seized Khurshid Shah by his arms while he was going in the corridor of parliament.

He appealed to opposition leader why he does not give up opposing Imran Khan. Opposition leader replied, “I am a politician and not a Beghairat”.

Sheikh Rashid also said in a low tone “Imran Khan is also not a Beghairat”.

Khurshid Shah said “leave it Sheikh Sahib. N leaguers are also standing here. We will talk in isolation lest the N-leaguers take mileage out of our talks.

Talking to media men later, Sheikh Rashid said “ Shah Jee is Badsha people. I had asked him to give up Imran Khan opposition. We the two parties together can give tough time to Nawaz Sharif and oust him from power. But Khurshid flew into a rage and kept on saying what came on his lips.Online