ISLAMABAD The verdict of International Court of Justice (ICJ) issuing an order staying the execution of Kulbushan Jadhav was already leaked to India ahead of time, said Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakariya.

The International Court of Justice on Thursday issued an order staying the execution of Kulbushan Jadhav by Pakistan, a causing shock and disappointment in Pakistan.

Reacting to the ICJ’s verdict, the spokesperson said that he had already watched the verdict on Indian media.

The ICJ verdict has fuelled intense speculations with observers including journalists saying that the Indian lobby in the court had influenced and then leaked the verdict.

Earlier today, Prominent Indian journalist Rajdeep Sardesai also ‘leaked’ the verdict ahead of the time on his Twitter account. Quoting ‘buzz’ from the Hague, the journalist said India will be granted consular access while Pakistan will have to suspend the spy’s sentence for now.

Translation of the tweet: India was made privy to ruling ahead of time: Foreign Office spokesperson

Citing the declaration, the spokesperson said Pakistan’s reply to the court has been submitted in line with Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, explaining that Pakistan, in some issues, does not recognise the jurisdiction of the ICJ, adding the ICJ has given three similar rulings in the past.

The FO has also requested access to Indian spy Jadhav’s accomplices. Zakaria said that India did not give a positive response to Pakistan’s request regarding access to Jadhav’s accomplices.

The spokesman pointed out that there exists a bilateral pact on consular access between the two countries since 2008.

Zakaria said that according to the pact’s Article six, the matter of consular access lies solely on the merit of the case.

He said India weaved a humanitarian angle in the Indian-spy Kulbushan Jadhav’s case to divert the world’s attention from his real actions: fomenting terrorism inside Pakistan.

“After India stood exposed in state-sponsored terrorism and financing terrorism, it tried to divert attention from presenting the Kulbushan Jadhav case with a humanitarian angle,” he said.

He also said that Pakistan’s stance on the RAW agent is very clear. “It is a matter of national security and we will not compromise on it.”

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Thursday stayed the execution of RAW agent Kulbhushan Jadhav and ordered providing consular access to him here on Thursday.

“Pakistan shall take necessary measures to ensure that Jadhav is not executed until the final decision in these proceedings and shall inform the court all the measures taken in implementation of the court’s order,” the order stated.

“India has the right to seek consular access for Jadhav,” it added.