LAHORE – Inspector General Prison Punjab Farooq Nazir has categorically rejected the statement of member of parliament Jamshad Dasti about his physical torture in jail and termed it baseless and against the facts.

On Friday, the IG had submitted an inquiry report about physical torture on Dasti, which added that Jamshad Dasti is being given protocol of member of parliament in the jail. He is provided newspaper on a daily basis and his facilities  include TV and electric room cooler.

The IG has rejected the allegation leveled by Dasti that rats and other insects are being left in his room intentionally by the jail administration and said that he is being facilitated in every respect.

He added that there is no bar on his meeting with visitors. His parents and other family members have met with him four times while his legal advisers and judicial magistrate have also met with him two times in jail so far.-Online