ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) –   According to a ruling made by a bench of two Supreme Court judges, in case of divorce of parents, the mother can only take care of minor children, and bound to hand them over to the father when they reach adulthood, as he is the real guardian.

During the hearing of a petition, Judges Mian Saqib Nisar and Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhry ruled that the father is entitled to meet his children after the divorce; adding that the mother or her family cannot keep his children away from him.

Plaintiff Col (r) Rana Ashraf accused his ex-wife Tanveer Kausar of violating the court orders by refusing to bring the children to the court for scheduled meetings.

The defendant’s lawyer argued his client has never denied the father’s right to meet the children. However, Kausar accused his ex-husband of pressurizing her to return money.

In their remarks, the SC judges reprimanded the parents for being negligent towards the children and said the environment of guardian courts is not suitable for the them.