ASTANA – Indian media, known for its miscalculations and biased policies targeting Pakistan went extraordinarily berserk as Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held a formal conversation with his military secretary.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who attended the Astana summit at Kazakhstan along with world leaders including Indian Premier Narendra Modi exchanged a few words with his military secretary but Indian media wrongly perceived the formal exchange of views as a process of transmitting instructions from military to Pakistani premier.

India’s leading channel ‘Times Now’ aired a footage in which Nawaz Sharif can be seen lending his ears to his Military attache ‘Brigadier Akmal Aziz’ but what exposed the sad state of affairs regarding journalistic standards of the world’s largest democracy is the fact that the analysts understood the activity as ‘dictation’ been given to the chief executive of the country.

Not only that, Times Now tweeted the video and started suggesting that the Pakistani premier was a ‘puppet on the string’ ignoring the fact that military secretary accompanies premier on tours abroad and this is a regular practice in Pakistan.

Soon after Times Now exposed its irrational mantra on Twitter, social media buffs lampooned the media outlet and briefed it about the functions of a military secretary.