ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Interior clarified on Monday that it was not responsible for leaking a photograph of the prime minister’s son, Hussain Nawaz, placing the blame on Islamabad police.

A spokesperson for the ministry termed the allegations that interior ministry leaked the photo ‘baseless’.

“The security of the judicial academy is the responsibility of the Islamabad police, and none of the interior ministry’s departments have access to the JIT office or films,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“It is inappropriate that people are playing politics on a such a sensitive issue,” the statement said.

“According to the same logic, is everything that happens within Bani Gala the responsibility of Islamabad police or the interior ministry too?” the statement said.

JIT takes notice of Hussain Nawaz’s leaked picture, questions officers

Government Response over photo leak

The PML-N led federal government expressed serious concerns over the leakage of a photo of Hussian Nawaz apparently showing him waiting to or appearing before the Panama Papers joint investigation team (JIT), on social media.

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb called it “demeaning and a serious breach of investigation rules”.

On the other hand,  the spokesperson for the prime minister, Dr Musadik Malik expressed that as the JIT was functioning under the ambit of the judiciary, it was the responsibility of top judges to take notice of such things, which were creating doubts about the working of the JIT.