ISLAMABAD – International Islamic Conference on polio eradication commenced on Sunday at Muscat to make a comprehensive strategy to control the disease with the support of religious leaders.

As many as 30 Ulema from Pakistan and Afghanistan have been participating in the conference.

According to the National Polio Immunization Program, the event is being organized to make plans to stop further loss from the disease with the support of religious leaders.

Nazim-e-Aala Wafaqul Madaras Hafeez Jalandheri briefed the participants about the steps being taken in Pakistan to eradicate the crippling disease and protect the children.

Regional Director of World Health Organization (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Region Dr Ahmed Salim Al Mandhari urged religious leaders to come forward and play their due role for the eradication of polio and making the world free from polio for the coming generation.

He said that effective strategy is the need of the hour to immunize children in high-risk areas and continuation of efforts until complete eradication of the disease.