Ishaq Dar has secretly married a fellow lawmaker, claims senior journalist

  • 'PM's wife Begum Kalsoom Nawaz had annoyed over Dar's marriage'
  • She is an industrious and intelligent MNA, says Ghulam Hussain

ISLAMABAD – PTI chief Imran Khan, whose name is usually on the tip of PML-N leaders’ tongue, may have just found another weak point of the ruling party after a senior journalist has revealed the secret marriage of a ruling party’s key lawmaker with a fellow legislator.

Renowned journalist, Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain, while talking in a current affairs TV program DNA, said that PML-N leaders who regularly criticise Imran Khan will get astonished after learning about the hidden marriage of their own main member.

Ghulam Hussain exposed that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has married a sitting member of the National Assembly but did not make it public. He said that PM’s wife Begum Kalsoom Nawaz was annoyed over it.

Although the journalist avoided to reveal the name of his spouse, he highlighted her characteristics saying, “She is an industrious and intelligent MNA and used to move from one party to another on the basis of these qualities”.

He also challenged the PML-N and the finance minister to contradict the news if they could. Hussain further said that he will reveal place, time and other matters of marriage in the same program if it is refuted.

Hussain said that people should look into their own matters instead of pointing fingers at the personal lives of others.

Exposing further who is married to whom, the senior journalist said that a leader of ruling party has married a TV anchor, while another has tied a knot with a friend of their daughter.

It is noted that DNA is also credited for exposing the marriage of Imran Khan with journalist Reham Khan, besides revealing the divorce between the couple.