ISPR warns public against fake threat alerts on social media

  • The military's media wing says such propaganda is being used for creating fear among the citizens
Fake News

RAWALPINDI – The media wing of Pakistan Army, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Thursday issued a public awareness information message to warn citizens against fake news circulating on social media.

The ISPR, in the statement, denied issuing threat alerts for any city, besides urging the people to avoid spreading fake news on social media.

The messages circulating on social media claim some terrorists have entered some big cities of Pakistan for creating destruction. They also instruct the public to share it with others and the citizens are spreading it without any verification.

It warned that such propaganda is being used for creating fear among the citizens, adding that the public should keep an eye on such heinous acts.

The army’s media wing said that citizens can verify the news from the official website of the ISPR in future.

Earlier, the army had warned the people against fake calls stating, “The impersonators try to seek personal details like CNIC, bank accounts etc on the pretext of census verification etc.