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LAHORE (Web Desk) – As investigators are digging up facts about the Lahore Hotel suicide case, it has been revealed that the deceased victim,Rabia Naseer, actually wanted to murder her lover, and upon failure to do so, committed suicide.

According to media reports, Rabia had brought a pistol with her to the hotel room and also invited Mr Khatak but he refused to come to the hotel in Lahore. Eventually, the woman took her own life with the same weapon.

The investigators have also become aware of the fact that Amir Khatak, who is serving as Deputy Superintendent Rangers, had an extra-marital affair with Rabia Naseer.

Upon knowing about the relationship of her husband, Amir Khatak’s wife had also gone to Rabia’s house in Batapur area of Lahore and threatened Rabia’s family of dire consequences, a local newspaper reported while quoting an unnamed source.

The event resulted in a fight between Rabia Naseer and Amir Khatak and ultimately she made a plan to kill the him and commit suicide afterwards. However, after Amir’s refusal to come to the hotel, she committed suicide in desperation.