WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Senior journalist Sami Ibrahim has been manhandled and abused in an alleged attack of PML-N workers in Washington.

According to media reports the incident took place right after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the Pakistan Embassy on Thursday where he addressed the Pakistani-American community.

Talking a private news channel Sami claimed the attack was pre-planned. He said the attackers pushed and shoved him and told him to apologize for not ‘reporting facts’.

Sami  further said that he did nothing wrong and was reporting professionally as he has been doing.

“It is a pity the incident happened at the Pakistan Embassy which has CCTV cameras. The perpetrators can easily be identified. They are known people and were led by PML-N secretary Rana Saeed,” he alleged.

Pakistani embassy in Washington declined to comment on the allegation when approached.

Sami Ibrahim is a renowned journalist currently associated with ARY News. He previously remained working with Dunya News and BOL News.

He is considered to be a strong critique of current PML-N government.