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KARACHI: Contaminated water is being supplied to the Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK), increasing the possibility of outbreak of gastroenteritis and other waterborne diseases among patients and medical staff.

An official at the hospital said that there was no water treatment plant at the hospital, while the facility’s underground water reservoir had not been cleansed for several months.

He said that the recent monsoon rains had further worsened the situation as the sewage had become mixed in the reservoir.

He added that some small filters had been installed in the water coolers but these were not sufficient. He complained that patients and paramedical staff had to use the contaminated water while worshipers were also compelled to use the contaminated water for ablution.

Hospital staff and patients have been buying mineral water from the medical store but those who cannot afford this are left to use the unclean water, he explained.

Civil Hospital Karachi Additional Medical Superintendent Dr Abdul Qadir Siddiqui said that the rainwater had mixed up with main water supply line and water supplied to OPD services had been contaminated.

He said that cleaning of the underground water reservoir had been completed and soon the situation would improve with supply of freshwater.