LAHORE – The Kuwait Water Association is seeking the full support of Punjab Food Authority in setting up a pilot project for producing bio-diesel from used edible oils in the Gulf country.

In a letter to PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal, KWA Executive Director Dr Ahmad Al-Kofahi said they “need some assistance in the form of the available statistics, engagement with investors, logistics and surveillance hitherto plan” to set up a bio-diesel plant.

PFA has formed a policy with consultation of Lahore Restaurant Association and Fast Food Chains. The unanimous policy indicates to place a ban on reusing “used edible oils” for human or animal consumption however; used oil must be sold to bio-diesel companies.

Last month, the food authority received requests for issuing licenses from 11 companies to produce bio-diesel from used edible oils.

Through various processes, vegetable and seed oils can be converted into bio-diesel which is called green oil for usage in vehicles in the world, including the UK.

It becomes the source of cheaper and environment friendly energy when converted to bio-diesel.

The Kuwait Water Association was established in accordance with the Ministerial Decree No (87) of the year 2012 issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on April 29, 2012.