LAHORE – An advert released by coffee house Espresso has many people up in arms for satirizing death of a young boy in PML-N’s rally early this week.

Posted on their official Facebook page, the ad read: “So now we know BMWs have great suspensions.”

The post was captioned “Stay safe this holiday weekend,” indirectly referring to the tragic death of a young boy who died in former prime minister’s ‘homecoming’ rally after getting hit by one of BMW cars part of Sharif’s motorcade.

The ad provoked strong ire and condemnation and was deemed as insensitive and distasteful marketing tactics that sought to cash in on the death of the child:

However, while the ad was being perceived as insensitive marketing by the majority of people, it also divided the opinion with some people calling it a satirical attempt to slam VIP culture:

Some demanded the coffee house to tender an open apology:

Note: Espresso did not immediately respond to requests for comment. We have nonetheless sent our query and await their comment. The article will be updated accordingly once we receive their word on the matter.