KARACHI – A girl took to Karachi to describe how she and her sister were made subjects of public indecency.

A man allegedly masturbated in front of two girls on Khyaban-e-Shujaat, DHA, Phase 8, in Karachi.

“The man came out of his car (BAL-943) and started masturbating in front of us”, said the girl in her Twitter post.

The girl explained that it was around 3 pm in a busy market of the metropolis, adding that she and her sister were completely puzzled and did not know what to do.

But, the girls decided to teach him a lesson and followed the man who was heading towards the sea.

“We just wanted to get his details, but he started masturbating again in front of us” stated the Twitter post.

“In a state of utter confusion we just took photos of guy along with his car so that everyone could see his disgusting act.”