LAHORE – In an exceptional case, a man in Lahore is all set to take a shop owner to court over a faulty phone charger.

Nawaz who bought a charger worth Rs. 400 was offered a 2-year guarantee for the “Genuine Samsung Charger”. However, the charger lasted barely 15 days.

 The shopkeeper refused to provide him with the replacement despite the promised 2-year warranty.

Nawaz sent a legal notice to the seller, asking him to pay for his losses. Afterwards, the seller contacted Nawaz over telephone assuring him that he will be paid back. Additionally, a lawyer from the High Court and the Vice President of the Trader’s union also contacted Nawaz and promised him that his losses will be recovered from the seller.

However, the buyer did not receive a refund even after waiting for over two months.

 Nawaz has now filed a complaint in the consumer court asking for compensation over the mental stress and the loss of time he suffered due to the hands of the shop owner.

He is now asking for Rs. 20,400 as the total compensation amount. He claims that he should be paid back for the charger and receive Rs. 10,000 each for the loss of time and mental agony caused to him as part of the damages.

“We have an organization by the name of Pakistan Justice Forum to spread awareness on citizens’ rights. There is a need to let people know that they can go to consumer courts and seek justice,” said Nawaz’s lawyer, Syed Shabbir Bukhari.

The shop owner has been served a notice to appear before court within one week.