KARACHI – In a mysterious turn of events, a young man was reportedly poisoned by his friends in Karachi.

Shalem Bhatti, 22, was allegedly fatally poisoned by his friends on Sunday night, and reportedly one of his friends, Ahmed Paracha, has confessed while the others have absconded.

Writing on her Facebook status, Shalem’s friend Simran Harichand, writes: “Around 10am, Shalem’s family got a call from his best friend, Ahmed Paracha, that Shalem had passed away. They asked the body to be sent to NMC because that was the hospital they were closest to.

The body arrived in a terrible condition. The clothes were dirty, there were no shoes, the face was black and blotched with purple marks, the lips were purple. He didn’t look like Shalem at all. The body was taken out of the ambulance and not one friend, not one out of the 6 other friends, accompanied the body.

“On sight, doctors claimed that Shalem had died 6-7 hours before. Why the body had been brought to the hospital so late by his ‘friends’, we still don’t know.”

“We rushed to NMC as it was closer,” Shalem’s sister Shunem told ET.  “We had waited for more than 45 minutes when an ambulance came, in which there was no one except the dead body of my twin brother.” She added that none of the six friends who had invited Shalem to come over bothered to come along with the body.

Shunem said that of the six friends, only three showed up at NMC. According to her, they started making up stories – someone said he had chest pains, started vomiting and had a heart attack while another said that he was upset, depressed and committed suicide, Express Tribune reported.

According to the autopsy report, there was no alcohol in the body of the deceased and his heart and throat were fine. To ascertain the cause of the death, the report suggested a chemical analysis. The specimens for the chemical analysis have been sent today and the results will be out in 15 to 30 days.

 ‘We want justice’

While the family registered an FIR against the six men, only Ahmed is under arrest and on remand for five days. The others are still at large. “Ahmed admitted that one of the boys, Jahanzaib, gave Shalem two tablets to eat – one red and the other brown in colour,” Shagufta told The Express Tribune.