ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government on Tuesday removed Lt. Col. (retd) Hassan Immad Mohamedi as managing director of Pakistan Television Corporation, local media reported.

Information Minister Fawad Hussain has approved the removal of the new MD, who had been appointed around two weeks ago on October 22.

Lt. Col. Hassan Immad appointed MD PTV

No reason has been given by the government to remove the official, however, the decision to remove Mohamedi was taken two days after the state-run television made a blunder when Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing a ceremony in Beijing during his first official visit to China.

During the speech, PTV had written: “Begging” on the screen instead of “Beijing” in what the administration called a mistake.

‘Begging’: PTV slammed for hilarious typo during PM Imran’s live address in Beijing

The word remained on screen for 20 seconds and was then changed.

Later, the state broadcaster has issued a formal apology for their caption.