KARACHI – Jawad Khan who won the Mercedes by Axact subsidiary on first Ramazan in Aamir Liaquat’s show was trolled on social media as one of the users alleged that he (Jawad Khan) was favoured intentionally by the channel.

Bol which announced handing over three jets, as well as scores of expensive cars, was accused of favouritism and handpicking as it gave first Mercedes to one of the winners on Sunday.

However, responding to the story by Daily Pakistan, spokesperson for BOL tv rubbished the allegations spreading on the web, saying that there is no conspiracy behind it. “We cannot stop anyone from answering or playing. There are thousands of employees of Bol. Even if someone is someone’s relative or friend we can’t do anything. Game show is for everyone, for Pakistan!” She said

In a Facebook post that, Syed Talha Ahmed Hashmi claimed that Jawad’s brother Daniyal was an employee of the ‘Bol’ channel.

The person also added that it was highly likely that Jawad himself was a fresh employee of Bol as he had links with other staffers of Bol’s parent firm ‘Axact’.

Hashmi posted pictures from Jawad’s Facebook account and claimed that it was a ‘drama’ staged by ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga’ management to win ratings. Though there was no concrete evidence to substantiate the claims.

Not only that the televangelist Aamir Liaquat also announced 30 houses, 60 cars, hundreds of kilogrammes of gold, and other cash prizes for winners.

Game On! Aamir Liaqat claims his Ramzan show will offer 3 Airplanes as prizes

“There will be no wait, as the prizes will be given away on the spot,” he announced in a promotional video, further claiming that after watching his show, people will agree to accept “Pakistan mein game show aise hi chale ga” (This is the way game shows will run in Pakistan).

Note: A previous version of this story used the word ‘preplanned’ in reference to this event, while the story stands correct, any perceived insinuation that there is any misconduct involved in this episode is purely coincidental and is regretted.