ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – MNA Shahjehan Mangrio on Wednesday beat a woman constable who refused to leave her duty place to visit her dwelling in parliamentarians suites.

National People’s Party’s (NPP) MNA Mangrio assaulted a woman constable who was performing duties at the entrance. The constable, Afshan said that she was called by the MNA to her room but she had to refuse due to duty.

Afshan added that Mangrio came to the entrance and assaulted her with bare hands. She said that the MNA had succumbed to her influential status at the time and lost the plot.

Security Division Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mirwaiz Niaz said that an investigation has been launched in the matter.

Afshan was ordered by the MNA to facilitate a guest but she resorted to assault and curse words as no protocol was given.

Mangrio stays in suite E-403 at the Parliament Lodges. The MNA was elected in reserved seat from Sukkur.