LAHORE (Staff Report) – In a remarkable act of professionalism and duty, the National Highways & Motorway Police have returned two hundred thousand rupees to the owner.

Patrol officers Riaz Ahmed and Faisal Masood of Beat 16 found Rs200,000 on highway near Chicha Watni, according to NH&MP spokesman Syed Imran Ahmed Shah.

Meanwhile, a resident of Saihwal named Farhan Ashraf informed the Motorway police on Help Line 130 about the loss of his bag carrying cash and other valuables.

Upholding the core values of honesty and duty, the Motorway police traced out the owner after hectic efforts, and handed over the bag to him after completion of formalities, the spokesman added.

DIG NH&MP Mirza Faran Baig has appreciated the efforts of the patrol officers, and awarded them with certificates and cash reward for their excellent performance.

He also stressed the officers to uphold the core values of department – honesty, courtesy and help – to serve the motorists and passengers.