KARACHI – Senior journalist Mubashir Lucman has claimed that Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain’s father actually belonged to Punjab.

Lucman, while addressing a press conference, challenged the Muhajir community to name Altaf Hussain’s father.

The senior journalist accused the MQM leader of deliberately hiding his father’s name for political propaganda. “He hides his father’s name because he belonged to Punjab and was not a migrant,” Lucman claimed.

“There is a difference between an Urdu-speaking person and a migrant,” he added.

“Altaf Hussain is not a Muhajir, his father belonged to Siyal, the land of Heer,” he insisted. “If this turns out to be a lie, award me the punishment of a liar,” Lucman added

Lucman said that Punjabis are often accused of being prejudiced against Sindhis. However, he added: “This doesn’t negate the fact that only a province like Punjab could elect a Sindhi Bhutto as their Prime Minister.”