LAHORE (Web Desk) – Mufti Abdul Qavi who rose to fame after his selfies with model Qandeel Baloch is in spotlight again as the investigators have reportedly included him in the murder investigations of deceased model but is this is the first time the cleric is in hot water. The answer is NO.

According to Dunya News, Mufti Abdul Qavi was probed in Zareena Shaheen rape case back in year 2000 as well. Zareena was an orphan who was kidnapped by a group of seven men who reportedly imprisoned the girl in the house of Mufti Qawi for over 40 days.

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Moreover, Zareena was recovered as a result of bailiff raid pertaining to the case number 179/200 registered in Sait Pur Police station.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Deputy Inspector General Police Azhar Akram maintained that Mufti Abdul Qavi is not being investigated regarding Qandeel Baloch’s murder.

Qandeel baloch was strangled to death on Friday night by her brother Waseem for honour. The mother of Qandeel Baloch accused Mufti Abdul Qavi for inciting Waseem to kill the model. Waseem was seized by Police and is now behind bars.

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