Senior journalist Mujib ur Rehman Shami challenges accusers to prove their claims, offers formation of JIT for public scrutiny of his assets

  • I challenge accusers to prove their claims before any JIT: MujiburRahman Shami
  • I have no business in Hong Kong or fuel stations, those accusing can confiscate them as well: MujiburRahman Shami
  • My conscience was satisfied and I answerable to Allah and his viewers: MujiburRahman Shami
  • I urge ARY management including Haji Iqbal and Salman Iqbal to act gracefully and issue gag orders to its anchors: MujiburRahman Shami

ISLAMABAD – Veteran Journalist and Chief Editor Roznama Pakistan Mujib ur Rehman Shami threw down an open gauntlet to all those speculating baseless allegations against him to testify their claims.

Reacting to a tirade of allegations regarding his businesses and property unleashed on social media and more specifically on ARY News, he offered to present himself before any Joint Investigation Team or court of law for interrogation.

“I am a public figure and if I cross a line or any ill-gotten money is part of my income, it should be indicated and I should be held accountable،” said the journalist and added that a JIT should be formed in case anyone desires which can summon him and bigwigs of ARY News including Haji Iqbal and Salman Iqbal for public scrutiny.

Expressing his views on Dunya News during the show ‘Nuqta-e-Nazar’ on Thursday, he maintained that his conscience was satisfied and he was answerable to Allah and his viewers as well.

The journalistic luminary observed that some elements in the media who faced cases in England and were disallowed transmission of their channel were running a propaganda campaign and speculating that he was doing business in Hong Kong and possessed huge property as well as fuel stations.

He offered that those hurling baseless allegations about his massive businesses and property can indicate and confiscate them as well affirming that he did not possess anything other than the assets mentioned in his income tax returns.

The journalist went on and observed that he would initiate legal proceedings against the accusers whenever needed and summed up his case while referring to an ayat of Surah Noor as under:

“The curse of Allah be on him if he is one of the liars,” said Mujib urRehman Shami and urged the Chief Executive Officer of ARY News Salman Iqbal and Haji Iqbal to review their policies as to whom were they entrusting with their screen.

He advised ARY administration to issue gag orders to those falsely accusing others with a bunch of lies referring to the case filed by Geo News that led to the closure of ARY news in England.

This is not the first time Mujib ur Rehman Shami presented himself for accountability. Earlier, in November last year, the senior journalist challenged ARY anchorpersons with an inquiry commission, to investigate both Daily Pakistan and ARY.

The seasoned journalist said this while responding to the allegations levelled against him by the ARY’s trio: Arif Hameed Bhatti, Sabir Shakir and Sami Ibraheem who alleged Mujib ur Rehman Shami and other senior journalists for allegedly supporting the government.

Senior journalist Mujib ur Rehman Shami responds to allegations leveled against him in ARY talkshow; suggests formation of commission

The notorious ARY trio unleashed accusations against Mr Shami after he stated that the “everyday leaks” of the Prime Minister being given a “shut-up call” by the Army Chief are also an act of security breach and deserve the same seriousness if we are to take Cyril’s leaks and the reactions against them seriously.

“We are regularly paying our staff and if proven otherwise, I will quit journalism,” Mr.Shami openly challenged Arif Hameed Bhatti, who levelled baseless allegation on the national daily for alleged salary delays in Daily Pakistan group.

“Mr Arif Bhatti is welcome to visit our office anytime, and if his claims regarding non-payment of salaries to Daily Pakistan workers are proven true, I will concede the editorship and make him the editor,” he vowed.

It bears mentioning that the ARY group is sticking to its policy of defaming journalists and other political leaders despite the fact that three channels of ARY Network, including ARY Digital, ARY News and ARY QTV were taken off from the Sky EPG in February.

3 channels of ARY Network removed from Sky platform

The popular Pakistani television network had come under fire after losing a case against rival, Geo Network’s owner, Jang Group. The issue was settled when Jang Group’s Chief Executive and Editor in Chief, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman was given £185,000 in libel damages from ARY Network.

Subsequently, ARY Network halted its offices in London and ceased running on-air commercials. Moreover, ARY News closed down its live news transmission as well.