Local News

KARACHI (Staff Report) – Former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Mustafa Kamal, who earlier this month announced an unnamed political party, has named his party as “Pak Sarzameen Party.”

According to media reports, Kamal and his accomplices are today (Wednesday) due to formally announce the name of their political party and a hall has been decorated for a ceremony in this regard. Banners hoisted in the ceremony venue carried name “Pak Sarzameen Party” along with slogans “Azm-e-Pakistan” and “Arz-e-Pakistan.”

Moreover, the flag of the political has also been prepared -which is a little modified version of Pakistan’s official flag. Previously Mustafa Kamal and Aneez Qaimkhani had said that Pakistan’s flag would also be their party’s flag.

The former MQM leaders will also announce the date of their first party procession in Karachi, which will be held in April as per announced earlier. The rally is expected to held in Jinnah Ground, which is located close to MQM headquarters -the Nine  Zero.