LAHORE – The 15th Mystic Music Sufi Festival has kicked off at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium.

The two-day festival brings together 26 singers from all over Pakistan. Some 400 performers, including Rizwan Mozzam, Ali Sethi, Akhtar Chinar Zehri, Zarsanga, Shah Jo Raag Fakirs, Niazi Brothers, Nighat Chaodhry, Krishan Lal Bheel, Chaand-Soorj, Gonga Mithoo Saien, Mian Miri Qawal and Bushra Marvi, wil perform during the festival.

Through this festival, the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is celebrating Sufi theme and diversity of Pakistani artistes.

“Sufiana Kalam promoted tolerance and over the years one could see that youth was more into performing and listening to the mystic music,” said Usman Peerzada, from the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, at a press conference yesterday.

He also hoped that if government would provide financial assistance, the World Performing Arts Festival would take place in November this year.

Saadaan Peerzada said, “Sufi music is a strong part of Rafi Peer’s image and we believe that Sufi music is an effective tool to bring about a revolutionary change in society”.