LAHORE – The display of weapons and the employment of security guards for personal safety are illegal under the National Action Plan (NAP), Punjab Rangers warned on Thursday.

During a press briefing, Punjab Rangers Col Amjad Iqbal said only the security personnel of registered government institutions will be deployed.

He further stated that strict action will be taken against private security personnel found to be in illegal possession of or using uniforms designated for the army, civil or military institutions.

“Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) will work with the Punjab police to conduct operations and take strict action against those who violate the law in this manner,” he added.

Last month, Rangers were deployed in Punjab for 60 days. Under their temporary new powers, Punjab Rangers will be allowed to carry out operations in case of emergency. The raids will be carried out on the basis of intelligence reports.

The request for deployment of Rangers in Punjab was made after a series of back-to-back explosions across the country including one in Lahore on February 13, in which 14 people including two top cops were killed.