SIALKOT – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan challenged the government of Punjab and Sindh on Sunday to meet the high standard of governance set by their KP counterpart.

“It’s an open challenge to the governments of Sindh and Punjab who have come into power six times each to meet our standards,” Khan stated while addressing a mammoth gathering of supporters in District Sialkot.

“It took us a year to understand the system before we introduce reforms in police, health and education sectors,” he said. He said that now police in other provinces were seeking same power and rights the KP government had given to them. “Change doesn’t come through the inauguration of roads, it comes from human development,” he said, referring to the PML-N model of government.

Criticising the government for its reluctance against probing corruption in national institutions, Imran Khan said the premier himself will be caught for corruption if he decides to act against it. “Only a country that ceases and shuns corruption is able to witness development,” Imran said.

“I can tell you how this country can prosper again, and that is through strengthening the institutions,” he added. “But how can you strengthen the institutions such as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as you will be caught for corruption as soon as you do so,” Imran said.

The Pakistani nation, Imran reiterated, is becoming poorer as the rulers become richer. “Change does not come only by cutting ribbons,” Imran said while referring to the premier’s statement that his rivals may indulge in political point-scoring while he continues to inaugurate uplift projects.