ISLAMABAD – Spokesperson to the Prime Minister Dr Musadiq Malik claimed on Tuesday that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had not sought immunity in Panama papers case.

Speaking at a press conference along with member of National Assembly PML-N Daniyal Aziz, he said it was stated in the media that the prime minister sought immunity under article 248 of the constitution which was not true.

‘No petition was filed in the Supreme Court to seek any kind of immunity’ he added.

He said the legal team of the prime minister also did not raise the issue of maintainability of case. He also categorically stated that there was no misstatement or contradiction in the statements of the prime minister.

Musadiq maintained that according to law, a person who levels allegations also brings evidence, except in the court of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Dr Musadiq went on and said that according to article 66 of the constitution, members of parliament had privileges.

‘Imran Khan, Sirajul Haq and Khurshid Shah were enjoying the same privilege’ he added.


On the other hand, Daniyal Aziz said Sharif family lawyers had produced the money trail including a bank guarantee document of United Bank of Switzerland.

‘The documents showed the funds available to the members of Sharif family’ he added.

Daniyal said Wealth Tax Act 1963 was repealed in 2003 and under the law, tax returns of only a few years were kept as record.

He said papers filed by the PTI showed that the apex court registrar was right in declaring petition of Imran Khan as frivolous in the first instance.

Earlier, according to multiple media reports, the counsel for PM Nawaz, Makhdoom Ali Khan sought immunity regarding the conflicting statements of premier before the apex court.