New VIDEO exposes CTD claims about Sahiwal ‘encounter’

  • 16 cops have been booked for Sahiwal killings on the request of victim family

LAHORE – Footage recorded from a cell phone has exposed the Counter-Terrorism Department’s inconsistent claims on Sahiwal shootout, in which four people including two women were shot dead by the policemen on Saturday.

The new footage, recorded from inside a car parked near the site of the incident, shows CTD officials intercepting the car with the help of a police van.

Then, as seen in the video, the CTD officials take the children out of the car and spray the vehicle with a volley of bullets with the remaining passengers inside. The video also shows the CTD officers leaving the shooting site immediately without preserving the ‘crime scene’.

Sahiwal killings: Video footage of CTD officials opening fire at the car on GT Road

Sahiwal killings: Video footage of CTD officials opening fire at the car on GT Road#SahiwalIncident #Sahiwal #SahiwalKillings #SahiwalMassacre

Posted by Daily Pakistan Global on Sunday, January 20, 2019

The alleged shootout left four people, including a husband, wife and their teenage daughter, dead on the main GT Road near Qadirabad area.

Earlier, the CTD personnel claimed to kill four people, including a local commander of militant organisation Daesh in the operation. The department claimed that the passengers were killed in the crossfire after the driver opened fire at the CTD team.

It also claimed to recover explosive caches, arms, and ammunition from the vehicle; however, the video shows otherwise.

Sahiwal killings: PM Imran vows swift action after JIT report as video of CTD ‘encounter’ goes viral

Eyewitnesses also disputed the CTD claims and said the people in the car were not armed.

In the latest development, a First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged against 16 CTD officials on the request of the victims’ family.