KARACHI (Web Desk) – The next 24 hours are critical for MQM leader Abdul Rashid Godil with doctors decreasing the oxygen supply given to him via a ventilator, Geo TV reported on Wednesday.

Godil was attacked in the Bahadrubabd area of Karachi on Tuesday morning when gunmen opened fire on his vehicle. His wife was unhurt in the attack while his driver was killed.

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Hospital spokesman Anjum Rizvi told reporters that the MQM leader was shot five times in the jaw, chin and chest. He added that the ventilator had been decreased and Godil had started breathing on his own.

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Rizvi told reporters that the condition of the MQM leader was not deteriorating but still critical, adding that his blood pressure and heart beat were normal.

Dr Jahanzeb Mughal who is present with the MQM leader in the ICU said doctors had woken up Rashid Godil at 7:00 AM. He added that during this time Godil was responsive and moving his limbs.

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Dr Mughal told media that oxygen via the ventilator to Godil had been decreased by 50 per cent. He added that the MQM leader had once again been sedated for 24 hours.

A team of specialist including pulmonologists and surgeons were called in when Godil was brought to the hospital.