ISLAMABAD – Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday stressed the need for putting the security on constant high alert to fight terrorism and criminals more effectively.

Addressing the graduating ceremony of 42nd Specialized Training Course here at the National Police Academy, he said Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) would have to be alert all the time as the enemy had run away and fallen weaken but “not eliminated” completely.

“Pakistan needs heroes. Our security agencies are rendering sacrifices daily and you have to take forward their legacy and write a new chapter of valour,” he asked a batch of 30 passing out ASPs (Assistant Superintendent of Police) including two lady officers.

Earlier, he said, terrorists were operating from within the country and now outside, so there should be no misunderstanding that the fight against terrorism had over, adding “the war is continuing and will continue.”

Nisar said the country’s enemy wanted to shatter the confidence of the nation by carrying out terror activities after a delay of two to three months.

“Unfortunately, we remain on high alert for a week or ten days after an incident and return to routine. But we will have to remain more vigilant at every time,” he reiterated.

The minister highlighted the importance of teamwork, saying that all personnel will have different capacity but a good leader always takes along its team by removing their deficiencies and boosting morale.

He congratulated the graduating officers for stepping in a new professional life, reminding them about their responsibilities to safeguard national interests and maintaining peace in the society by purging it of criminals.

He advised them to always uphold the principle of fair play and perform duties with dedication and honesty, saying “your one decision can take a person to the gallows and take out a person from the gallows, so always have fear of Allah Almighty, speak the truth and do justice.”

The minister thanked the international partners collaborating in the specialised training programme and assisting the LEAs in their capacity building.

He admired that eight officers from Balochistan and two lady officers were part of the passing out a batch of ASPs.

Earlier, the Interior Minister along with the Commandant of National Police Academy inspected the parade of six platoons of Police.