ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Saturday that the source of terrorism was west and it needs to change its attitude in a bid to weed out terrorism.

“The source of terrorism is the West considering every bearded man and hijab-wearing woman as being a terrorist. Unless the West changes this attitude, there will be no control over terrorism.” he said while addressing a gathering of supporters on Saturday in Saroba, Punjab.

The interior minister lashed out at his oes and reassured his supporters that he stood opposed to those who were “secular” or “non-believing”.

“Some political parties criticise me for raising my voice for the principles of Islam. If you are proud of being secular; of being non-believers, then I am proud of to be pro-Islam,” he remarked.

Nisar noted that it was difficult to come across good people if you go out with beer adding that there was no differentiation between Halal and Haraam, these days.

Shedding light on his blunt stance, the legislator expressed that he was a straight talker and even talked straight with his own party leadership.

“I have been in politics for 35 years and many times, people have tried to buy me by offering me different positions. With the grace of God, I never sold out,” he passionately said.