LAHORE (Staff Report) – Animal cruelty is a familiar sight in Pakistan. An animal shelter home in Chungi Amar Sadhu area of Lahore has been forcefully locked up and rescued animals, some in poor health condition, have been beaten and driven out of the compound.

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The landlord of the compound, rented by Society for Protection of Neglected Animals (SPNA), with the help of neighbours forced himself inside the shelter, tortured the rescued animals and drove them out.

Kiran, one of the founders of SPNA told Daily Pakistan, “The entire neighborhood got together and plotted this.” When SPNA staff tried to stop the landlord, he got the staff member arrested under false charges.

Guys. The owners we rented the place from asked us to evacuate yesterday. They put their own lock on the gate and…

Posted by Society for Protection of Neglected Animals on Thursday, 3 September 2015

Some of the animals are unable move.

“We are trying to find out rescues. From the 13 only 4 have been found, which are paralyzed cases. They cannot run! We don’t know what the Hell these guys did to them,” said Kiran.

The landlord allowed SPNA staff to set up a shelter home for rescued and abandoned animals in the space rented. “We have it in written,” said Kiran.

Fearing backlash from the neighbours, SPNA asked the landlord to inform them about the shelter, “We told them (landlord) to ask all the neighbors and make them sign a paper stating that they will not have issues with the shelter.”

Standing on the road with some rescues. Trying to locate the others. Need search teams for that

Posted by Society for Protection of Neglected Animals on Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sadly, this is not the first time SPNA has been forced to move the shelter home. In their last location, people threatened the staff by poisoning rescued puppies.

“Either ways we will have to move with the remaining rescues because the kind of people there are in the neighborhood, they will attack the rescues again.”

SPNA has requested animal lovers to come forward and foster the rescues temporarily, till they find a new place.

EMERGENCY : Need foster homes for grown dogs ASAP! Please contact us!

Posted by Society for Protection of Neglected Animals on Thursday, 3 September 2015

Run by three university students, SPNA is the only animal shelter home in Lahore that rescues abandoned and stray animals, get them medical assistance and provide them with shelter unless they are adopted.

As described on their official Facebook page, “We aim to encourage people to give homes to these neglected animals rather than buying pets from a pet store or breeder.”