NAWABSHAH – Former president and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said that he was not fond of becoming a parliamentarian but would go to National Assembly for raising his voice against the injustices the common man had been facing.

During a meeting with the elected representatives, notables and party leaders of the PPP at the Zardari House, he expressed that he would not sit idle until the people got their rights adding that he returned to Pakistan and would remain with his people.

Zardari said that the CPEC project was the result of his struggle, but the benefits of the project were being seen only in the Punjab.

“Punjab was reaping the benefits of CPEC, which was an open injustice with Sindh and the other provinces,” he said.

The former president also took credit for Pakistan-Iran gas projects expressing that the pipeline had reached the Pakistani border but termed the silence of the government and not taking the project forward, a matter of sorrow.