MINA (Web Desk) – At least Six Pakistani Haj pilgrims including two women are also among other hundreds of people who died in Thursday’s tragic event that left another 805 people seriously injured as well.

According to reports Six Pakistani nationals, identified as Haji Arif, Khalil Ahmad, Abdul Malik and Zahid Khan, are also among martyred. Arif is said to be a resident of Lahore and was in Saudi Arabia to perform Haj along his wife Zarina Arif, who called family and has confirmed Arif’s death. Khalil is a resident of Bhakar while Abdul Malik belonged to Takhatbai.

Pakistani foreign office also said that there were reports of deaths of six Pakistani nationals in Mina stampede.

However Pakistani’s Director General Hajj Abu Aqif has refused to confirm the death or injury of any Pakistani pilgrim. We can only confirm the information in this regard after a formal process of verification, he said in a statement. I have received the news about death of my two relatives as well, he said.

Meanwhile Pakistani foreign ministry has established a helpline 00966125277537, that can be approached to inquire about Pakistani Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

The spokesperson of Pakistani foreign office, Qazi Khalilullah, further said that Embassy in Saudi Arabia is in continuous contact with the Saudi authorities in order to obtain information about the missing and deceased Pakistanis.

Earlier on September 11 an event of crane collapse caused death of 107 pilgrim in Makkah’s Grand Mosque and injured another 350 people.