ISLAMABAD – The tragic crash of the ill-fated PIA plane PK-661 had already been predicted almost one year ago by senior journalist Mubashir Lucman.

Mubashir recently, in one of his programs, claimed that he had predicted about the plane’s unusable and poor conditions adding that the blades of the jet were outdated.

Mubashir, who himself is a pilot and is down with jets, said the blades of the plane were outdated and needed to be fixed. However, PIA authorities tried to fix the technical issue themselves to save the expenses.

“PIA sent an email to ATR authorities informing them about the issue, however, PIA never replied to ATR’s response which asked for the lists of blades,” Mubashir claimed.

Mubashir said the PIA used the material of local company that was not at par with International standards. He said the ATR authorities maintained that only they could manufacture or fix these things.

Mubashir went on to say that plane was never capable of taking flights.