ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – According to the recent GlobeScan Canada Study, 31% Pakistanis believe that it was necessary to take major steps for addressing climate change.

Gallup Pakistan conducted the fieldwork for the survey in Pakistan which is affiliated with Gallup International Association.

As per the survey, 42 percent said that it is necessary to take some steps; and 23pc believe that it is not necessary to take any steps.

According to the average response across 20 countries, 53% of the people said that it is necessary to take major steps soon, according to press statement issued on Wednesday.
Among other countries, 41% of the Indians and 55% in the UK agreed that it is necessary to take major steps towards climate change very soon. Compared to Pakistan, 10% more Indians and 13% more in the UK believed that it is very important to address climate change soon.

On the other hand, The Global Climate Risk Index is compiled from figures supplied by the giant reinsurance company Munich Re. placed Pakistan most vulnerable country after Haiti and Philippines due to the large number of typhoons. Pakistan came third because of its increasing vulnerability to floods and droughts.