ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has declared Junaid Jamshed, who died in a recent PK-661 plane crash, a part of the air force family.

Junaid Jamshed’s funeral prayers were offered at Noor Khan air base, Chaklala, with the body of the deceased wrapped in the national flag. On the directions of the air chief marshal, the body was then sent to Karachi on a C-130 plane.

PAF spokesperson said that Jamshed completed his early education in an air force school and remained an intelligent student. Junaid’s father, Jamshed Akbar, formerly served in PAF and Pakistan Navy, due to which Junaid retained close connections with the air force.

Meanwhile, Junaid’s brother Humayun Jamshed said that funeral prayers for singer-turned-preacher will be offered at Moin Khan Stadium in the Defence area of Karachi on Thursday.