CHITRAL – A Pakistan Army official saved life of a mentally handicapped man alleged of committing blasphemy on Friday after an emotional conversation with a violent mob.

According to the details, scores of locals gathered outside the house of a religious cleric in Chitral demanding the release of a man who allegedly committed blasphemy during the Friday sermons.

The angered locals were of the view that the cleric, who happened to be an Imam mosque should hand over the blasphemer to the mob who were ready to lynch him, on the same lines as Mashal Khan, a student of Abdul Wali Khan university was killed over the same allegations.

But at this point in time, a Pak Army official stepped in and engaged in a conversation with the mob. The soldier faced a hard time in easing the tension but his heart-melting dialogue with the crowd helped in saving another life.

The official in a bid to avoid another life to lose at the hands of a mob stood up and questioned:
‘Wouldn’t it be unfair by the mob to get furious after a man uttered blasphemous statements although it was  a basic element of their religious belief that The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger and would remain the last’

To this, one of the members from the crowd asked as to how should the man be treated for his sacrilegious statement?

The official while keeping his cool intact replied that he should be handed over to the police so that the law should take it course, without subjecting him to torture.

The enraged mob kept on reiterating its demand to get hold of the mentally challenged man identified as ‘Rasheed’ but the army official’s convincing tone led to reconciliation.

The mob inquired as to how many witnesses were needed in this particular case as everyone was ready to record the statement and with that the mob unanimously agreed to hand the man over to police.

Mob attacks man inside Chitral mosque for ‘blasphemous remarks’

Had the official not intervened in time, the mob would have lynched the man to death who allegedly claimed being a prophet himself as he disrupted the Friday sermons.

It was also revealed that the man was schizophrenic, a mental state which a man loses emotional balance and lives in a fantasy world.