Pakistan laments world community’s failure to halt Indian atrocities in Kashmir

  • 'Indian forces martyred 15 Kashmiris during running week'
  • FO spokesperson says India using Afghan soil against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Thursday said that the international community has completely failed to restrain the Indian troops from mass killing of Kashmiri Muslims.

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria while speaking to media said that the India wanted to change the demographics of the valley by converting it into Muslim community minority region, local media reported.

Referring to latest Indian atrocities, Zakaria said the Indian forces martyred 15 Kashmiris during the past week.

Regarding the Afghanistan issue, he said that the settlement of the crisis lay in conducting talks between all the stakeholders, adding that the US was reviewing its policy on war-torn Afghanistan.

“Dialogue should be held with all groups, including the Taliban to tackle the crisis,” said the spokesperson.

Zakaria highlighted that Pakistan has been hosting Afghan refugees since decades, adding that no one was forced to leave the country.

“We want Afghan refugees to go their home country voluntarily with honour,” he added.

Pakistan has been taking action against all terrorist groups without any discrimination, he stressed.

India is using Afghan soil against Pakistan, he said, adding that the country has right to take up the issue with the US government.