ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan has emphasized the need for an investigation into why Pakistan had decided to plunge into American-led war on terror, adding that believed this investigation should be conducted along lines similar to the Iraq inquiry recently concluded in thr UK by Sir John Chilcotr.

He questioned how Pakistan had become involved in the war on terrorism, which had destroyed its Tribal areas on the Durand line, even though Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan and there was no Taliban presence in Pakistan at the time.

He said it was ironic how those of us who had opposed the US-led war on terror were labelled as terrorists and Taliban sympathizers at the time.

Imran Khan vehemently criticised Tony Blair and questioned how he could be acquitted of the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Blair, in any case, cannot be absolved of causing sectarianism, extremism, civil war and the emergence of IS in the Middle East, the PTI Chairman added.

“Tony Blair was not ashamed of attacking Iraq over false flag attack; rather he was embarrassed by losing 179 British soldiers in the war, presenting himself as innocent ignoring genocide of thousands of Iraqis,” said Khan.

He should be accountable of wars based on deliberate misrepresentation, he added.

Imran Khan also took the opportunity to criticize the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for not returning to the country on his own expense after recovering from surgery in London.

“On one hand, the public is bearing the brunt of inflation while on the other hand, the government is imposing taxes,” he said.

A special plane, with modifications for the premier’s comfort, has been designated to bring home the PM, the first lady and the PM’s camp office in London, which was set up during his stay in the city.

Imran said that a nation whose people robbed had been of its wealth by the elite who had shifted their gains  abroad could never progress. He also blamed the government for the difficulties farmers had to face.

“PML-N government has committed the economic murder of farmers,” he said.